Exactly how close are we to The G…?


With the AFL season starting to heat up, millions of Melbournian’s and Australian’s attention is inevitably drawn to the spiritual home of AFL football… The MCG. Having been described as “a shrine, a citadel, a landmark, a totem… that symbolizes Melbourne to the world,” there’s no doubt that “The G” is the beating heart of our amazing city.

The largest stadium in Australia, the MCG has been the centerpiece for Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Cricket World Cups, and of course the AFL Grand Final almost every year since Australia’s Federation – with the exception of 7 years… 4 of which it was being used as a military base during World War II.

… As you can probably tell, establishments like us at the Baden Powell Hotel considered it an absolute honour to be situated so close to the MCG. Weekend after weekend we welcome a steady flow of keen football fans, some brandishing their team colours proudly in anticipation for the game – some enjoying a quiet drink in the beer garden, eyes glued to the TV nervously – and some meeting up for a quick bite before their routine Clarendon or Powlett Street march, the arteries that connects us to Australia’s Coliseum of Football.

One question our bar tenders never get tired of hearing over the weekend is – “How far to The G?” as patrons polish off their pints in time for first bounce.

“About 15 minute walk that way,” we’re always happy to inform, pointing straight across the road in direction of the stadium. And for many of our regulars, this pilgrimage alongside Fitzroy Gardens has become a pre-game ritual, full of chants, waving flags, playful jibes at opposition supports and speculation of results to come.


But this got us thinking… exactly how close is the MCG from The Baden Powell Hotel…? We know it’s about a 15-minute walk… Google says 1.3kms to the gate… but we were looking for something slightly more tangible to football fans like ourselves… here’s what we came up with!


  • – About 13 kicks for Geelong’s Ben Graham if he channels that mighty torpedo from 1999



  • – Approximately 616 Fremantle’s Giant Aaron Sandilands lying down – or 162 more Bulldog’s Mini Caleb Daniels….


  • – It would take you about 80 bounces of the footy on the jog (depending on who’s umpiring!)


  • – Brent Harvey has played 1 AFL game for less-than-every 3 meters of the walk


  • – If you left the Baden Powell Hotel at first bounce when Gold Coast first played Essendon at the MCG, you would have missed a ridiculous 11 goals to none over the short walk… in Essendon’s favour


  • – Over his career, Tony “Plugger” Locket kicked more goals than there are metres between the Baden Powell’s front door and the entry gate to the MCG


  • – Considering the slight incline of the walk, you could burn off approximately enough calories for one of the beers you downed at the Baden Powell on your walk to The G… Why not stay for one extra beer and walk it off!


Well… that was too much fun! Could go on forever…

Hope to see you down at the Baden Powell for the footy over the next few weeks! We televise games from the great atmosphere of our beer garden… or stop in on for a drink and a pizza before heading to the MCG – it’s only a couple-dozen Ahmed Saad run-ups away!