The Historical Honour of being a Collingwood Hotel

You may or may not be aware of Collingwood’s rich association with Hotels, Pubs, Breweries and Distilleries… but we certainly are, and as such are extremely proud to be an active Hotel/Pub in this historically appropriate suburb of Collingwood. 

Collingwood & Hotels

collingwood hotels

Figure 1 – The densely populated Collingwood Hotel Map courtesy of Collingwood Historical Society

Believe it or not… the very naming of Collingwood is thought to be after a hotel!

Formally part of Newtown, Melbourne’s earliest suburb, it was Robert Hoddle who was tasked with renaming the suburb in 1842…

Though the name “Collingwood” was of course in honour of the British Admiral who succeeded Nelson at Trafalgar, most historically authorities will include a reference stating something similar to – ‘possibly named after the Collingwood Hotel in the area which bore the Admiral’s name’… e.g. The Encyclopedia of Melbourne Online

Pubs in Collingwood

The Collingwood Historical Society places emphasis on the extremely important role pubs (public houses) played, for “social and community functions in the absence of other venues and institutions”.

They declare pubs as “central to a lot of what went on in Collingwood life; not only was the pub a place where you went for a drink, but they were also used for activities such as council meetings, friendly society meetings, the local brass band and political meetings”, during the rapid development of the area amidst the early 1850’s Gold Rush (An Introduction to Collingwood’s 101 Hotels).

The significant importance of Hotels and Pubs in Collingwood – as one of Victoria’s first municipalities (1855) – is evident in two of the current Collingwood’s most notorious buildings:

  1. 1. Old Victorian Distillery – Northumberland Street, Collingwood
  2. baden powell hotel
  3. This heritage-listed piece of Victorian Period Architecture is the former Old Victoria Distillery building, founded in 1862. The iconic five-story red brick tower is famous for its beautiful arched windows and cream brick strings at each level. Now converted to apartments, the surrounded later distillery additions such as the silos to the left are also converted to apartments, and the Porsche silos to the right have recently been demolished.“The former Victoria Old Distillery is of considerable local historical and architectural significance. It is a surviving example of a large 19th century distilling complex, illustrating an early phase of industrial activity in Collingwood. The building reflects the development of the brewing industry in Victoria and in particular in Collingwood, an area noted for its breweries in the 19th century,” Australian E-Heritage Portal.

    Perhaps there’s something in the air… or the water… but being only a stones throw away (literally, if you have a good arm) The Baden Powell Hotel have been inspired by the areas distilling history, and are opening up a new charming Whiskey Bar in the adjoining side wing of the downstairs pub – COMING VERY SOON!

    1. 2. Former Yorkshire Brewery – Wellington Street, Collingwood baden powellMaybe 2 x stone throws away, the Yorkshire Brew Tower has been a Collingwood landmark and prominent feature of Melbourne’s skyline for over 140 years.

      Built in 1880, the Yorkshire Brewery Tower is of architectural significance – with a mixed Romanesque and French Second Empire inspired arched roof and polychrome brickwork; cultural significance – as a remarkable survivor of Victoria’s dominant 19th century brewing industry; and historical significance – amazingly, being Australia’s tallest building for 10 years!

      Though it’s now being converted in to apartments, we like to think we are doing the old brewery proud by serving a plethora of ice-cold fresh Australian, Victorian and Melbourne brewed beer from our fully stocked bar at the Baden Powell Hotel.

      Come in for a drink and a chat with some Collingwood locals about the fascinating historical association with Hotels, Pubs & Breweries in Collingwood, and walk around the corner to spy these two Collingwood landmarks!